Véritable Melting-Pot

Pour votre plus beau projet, ou de délicieux cocktails.

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“The Idealist”

Belgian, community-minded, all about the big picture, owns chickens, makes it work, follows his heart, and thinks you should too.


“The Perfectionist”

French, DIY, always learning, makes everything look good, Fifa shark, storyteller, gets it done, traveler, crazy efficient.


“The Explorer”

As Belgian as it gets. Countryside attitude meets city demand. Learns programs that haven’t even come out yet. The guy that gets things moving.

Past : Air, idweaver, Ogilvy Paris, LIE Kuala Lumpur, 1md, Miam-Miam


“The Artist”

Belgipino/American, all about hand lettering, thinks in slogans and taglines, bikes everywhere, thinks he’s Instagram famous, but he’s not.

Past : JWT Paris, New York Fashion Week, 20Something On Purpose


“The Hunter”

Belgian, social butterfly, sees the beauty in things, loves his toys, drives too fast, beautiful flow, the guy you’ll probably have lunch with.

Past : Ogilvy Paris, JWT Brussels, Les Argentins Bueno Aires, Dasmuse